We are committed to providing support for underprivileged children in every country in which we operate

Silver Heritage Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to diversity and inclusion.

We have a strategy for significant expansion via the roll-out of gaming assets in Asia’s fastest-growing markets


Our Heritage

Founded in 2003, Silver Heritage Group has grown from the supply and managing of slot machines across Asia to an experienced regional gaming management operation with interests in casinos and gaming venues in Nepal, Vietnam and Laos.

Silver Heritage has a proven history of identifying opportunities and developing gaming facilities and services, based on a deep understanding and experience of these local markets through its team of executives who have delivered successful gaming operations in a variety of Asian markets.

Silver Heritage has taken a staged approach to investment in the region. It has historically entered new markets through revenue sharing or other arrangements in relation to the provision and servicing of slot machines. Management considered this strategy provided a lower risk entry into each market, allowing Silver Heritage to build and develop an understanding of the broader market opportunity before making a significant investment in operating or constructing a new gaming facility.

Silver Heritage has then used the knowledge gained from entry into each market to assess its appetite for increasing its presence in that market. When a desire to pursue growth in a market has arisen, this has been sought through increasing the level of management services that the Group provides or by developing its own casinos.

Silver Heritage is now well positioned to benefit from the predicted continued growth in gaming across the region. A combination of rising income levels, liberalisation of gaming regulations and the rapid growth of outbound tourism has led to a significant increase in patronage of gaming facilities and this is expected to continue to grow over the coming decades.

Silver Heritage Group is committed to its vision of becoming Asia’s leading regional gaming operator.


Our Operations

The Millionaire’s Club, Kathmandu

Based in the luxurious Shangri La Hotel & Resort in Kathmandu’s affluent embassy district, Nepal’s first international class casino opened in early 2015.

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Tiger Palace Resort, Nepal

With the vision of transforming the South Asian casino entertainment landscape, Tiger Palace Resort is an exhilarating, heart-stopping entertainment destination unlike anything the Indian consumer has seen before.

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